Do you want to look your best this year? 2020 was tough, and a lot of people let skincare fall by the wayside. 2021 is a fresh start. Make this your most beautiful year by trying some of the top skin treatments in Miami.

Laser and Radiofrequency Treatment
Laser and radiofrequency treatments are incredibly versatile. Both resurface your skin, restoring a youthful look and texture. They tighten loose skin, reduce scarring, build collagen, reduce the appearance of pores, and more.

Acne Care
Though many treatments focus on wrinkle reduction, that’s not the only kind of skincare. If you suffer from acne, you have a variety of choices. Depending on your needs, here are options to consider:

- DMK Enzyme Therapy to remove dead skin cells and reduce discoloration
- Microdermabrasion to smooth your skin
- Chemical peels to improve skin texture
- FotoFacial radiofrequency to reduce redness and discoloration

Our skincare experts at Mimai Beauty Clinic will help you figure out the right treatment plan for your skin type.

Cellulite Reduction
Cellulite is made of bumpy-looking fat deposits under the skin. Fortunately, you don’t need surgery to reduce cellulite. VelaShape™ gently heats the fat cells and fibers that hold them in place. The subsequent healing process creates a smoother texture. Next, a combination of compression therapy and mesotherapy (injections of enzymes, nutrients, and extracts) further smooths the cellulite.

High-Tech Facials
Let technology come to the rescue. High-tech facials include microneedling, collagen therapy, and the “Iron Mask.” Microneedling gently pricks the skin to promote healing. Collagen therapy improves your own skin’s collagen quality, which is key to looking youthful and healthy. The “Iron Mask” uses iron particles to remove dead skin cells and toxins.

Platelet-Rich Plasma
Platelet-rich plasma is one of the most exciting skin treatments in Miami. PRP treatment uses the body’s own healing capacity to improve your skin. This process involves drawing blood, separating out platelet-rich plasma, and then injecting it in problem areas to help your skin heal itself.

Make your skin a priority in the new year. Visit us at Miami Beauty Clinic for skin treatments that will help better your skin overall. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.