Miami Beauty Clinic's Vita-Life Magnetic Resonance Therapy
Scientific research has shown time and time again the direct positive effects a well functioning cell metabolism can have on the human body. Those effects include an enhanced well-being, faster regeneration, better health maintenance, as well as a more energetic, vital and fit body. On the other hand, however, in the case of a dysfunctional cell metabolism, research shows that the bodily functions are disturbed, the body is weak and tired, the cells are not capable of disposing of wastes and the body starts to develop diseases.

Although the cell metabolism is a very complex process, it can actually be supported by vita-life magnetic resonance stimulation therapy. This unique form of therapy is offered at Miami Beauty Clinic. To put it in simple words, Vita-life magnetic resonance therapy in Miami works on and within the cell; the smallest part of the human body. The vita-life magnetic resonance therapy at Miami Beauty Clinic stimulates the body by using pulsating electromagnetic fields where the frequency bundles utilized are similar to those of the natural magnetic field of the earth. The magnetic field vibrates within the same frequency range as the cell, which allows it to affect it.

Through the resonance effects on the cells, the vita-life magnetic resonance therapy in Miami provides the body with the power it requires in order to self-heal, improves oxygen supply and blood circulation, boosts the immune system and metabolism, has positive effects on the nervous system by reducing pain, as well as ensures the efficient withdrawal of waste materials.

In addition to the above, in order to boost cell metabolism, vita-life also provides the R-system, which is a magnetic resonance stimulation device that enhances the well-being and vitality of the organism. The R-system device generates a pulsating low-frequency electromagnetic field. In fact, the intensity is intentionally kept low in imitation of the magnetic field of the earth. As a result, this will help calm the body down, as well as improve its energy and health.

If you are looking to enjoy the many benefits of vita-life magnetic resonance therapy at Miami Beauty Clinic, contact us today to schedule an appointment.