It may sound frightening, but the Iron Mask Treatment at Miami Beauty Clinic may turn out to be just what your skin needs to look brighter and healthier. This unique treatment can be done just before a wedding, party, or other important event, and will leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Look no further than Miami Beauty Clinic to find an Iron Mask Treatment in Miami.

What Is The Iron Mask Treatment?
Also known as the "Maschera al Ferro," the Iron Mask Treatment is named after the microscopic iron spheres used in the treatment. These spheres plunge deep into the skin to help remove impurities, such as dead cells. The treatment is painless and gentle on the skin. It's extremely easy to perform, and the results can be seen and felt right away.

How Does The Iron Mask Treatment Work?
Once the mask is applied, the iron attracts harmful substances in the skin. Then, a special magnet is used to pull the iron spheres away once they have ousted dead skin cells and absorbed impurities. With the removal of the iron comes all of the excessive sebum and comedones that cause skin to lose its youthfulness.

What Are the Benefits of the Iron Mask Treatment?
After the iron microspheres are pulled away from the body, what's left is firmer, brighter, and moisturized skin. And what's more, this treatment can be applied anywhere on the body for incredible results. This process cleanses the skin, tones and firms, and helps the skin maintain a healthy hydration level.

The Iron Mask Treatmen is safe and easily able to be customized to fit any client on any desired area of the body. If you're looking to give your skin the care and attention it deserves, the Iron Mask Treatment at Miami Beauty Clinic is the best way to give back to your body. A deep cleanse may be just what you need to look beautiful for any event, or simply just because. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your Iron Mask Treatment!