PRP Bio-Facelift is the safe, effective alternative to traditional facelifts that involve cutting deep into the skin. Like stem cell therapy, the body's own rich platelet rich plasma (PRP) contains concentrated growth factors that are used to rejuvenate the skin. The effects of aged, wrinkly skin are reversed, and sagging skin is tightened. This natural approach to promoting health is recommended for patients of all ages and with all types of skin conditions.

What is a PRP Bio-Facelift?
The PRP bio-facelift at Miami Beauty Clinic is the topical application of platelet rich plasma (PRP) onto the skin. The purpose is to increase the production of collagen and keratin that makes up skin. The surface becomes firmer, softer and stronger. The platelets from your own blood are injected into your skin. This method has been proven to improve the healing process of injured muscles. Since your own blood is used, the procedure is safe, natural and self healing.

Benefits of a PRP Bio-Facelift
Every facelift is designed to increase the strength and elasticity of skin. The procedure is good for both younger or older patients who have aged or sagging skin. Unlike Botox that contains a botulinum toxin which is not found in the body, the PRP bio-facelift involves an injection of platelets from your own blood.

How PRP Bio-Facelift in Miami Helps Reverse Effects of Aging
The PRP bio-facelift creates the instant appearance of smooth, youthful-looking skin. PRP can be injected into any part of the skin that needs rejuvenation, whether it's around the eyes, corners of the mouth, etc. Despite the tremendous results, patients are encouraged to get multiple treatments. It could take as long as a month to see the full results after the skin replaces its old layer. You can expect to see healthy skin that lasts for a year or longer.

The PRP bio-facelift at Miami Beauty Clinic is one of the most natural and effective approaches to counter the traditional facelift. You'll receive your all-natural injections through microneedling on the skin. Afterwards, you'll see the immediate results of firm skin that is safe and healthy. To learn more about PRP Bio-Facelift or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!